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Walks by Station


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  • Frequent train service to London - four trains an hour at weekends and more during the week

  • Fast train service, with some trains getting to central London in little over half an hour

  • Cheap fares with the Oyster card

  • Facilities a short walk from the station, including pubs, coffee shops and supermarkets


  • Although there are attractive walks from Amersham, it is a little more suburban than Chesham so in some directions it can take longer to get into the countryside



Station Top Walk


#2: Amersham to Chorleywood

An easy and convenient 10km walk, with lots of options for lengthening or shortening.  It can be done without hills, so makes a great walk for beginners.

This walk heads north-east out of Amersham station towards Latimer and Chenies. Although it takes a bit of time to get out of suburban Amersham, once you have, you can do an easy walk giving beautiful views of the Chess Valley.


Tips for walking from Amersham station

Amersham combines a great train service with some beautiful walks.

Amersham has a regular four trains per hour service at the weekend - two Underground trains per hour and two Chiltern Railways trains to Marylebone. In the rush hour during the week this rises as high as seven an hour. Oyster cards can be used on Chiltern Railways (but not beyond Amersham). This choice of Amersham has several benefits. One is that you may still be able to travel when there are engineering works that affect only one of the lines (for example, if the tube is closed, Chiltern Railways trains from Marylebone may still be running). The other is that you can get fast trains which avoid many stops. These can cut a 50 minute journey to a little over half an hour.

Amersham station is quirky in that it isn’t actually in what would historically be considered as the town of Amersham. That settlement, colloquially known as ‘Old Amersham,’ nestles down in the Misbourne Valley. A market and coaching town on the route from London to Birmingham, Old Amersham is a beautiful and historic place to visit about a mile down the hill from the station.

The station itself was built at the end of the 19th century in countryside which is now know as ‘Amersham on the Hill’. While not as beautiful as Old Amersham, it does have some listed 20th Century modernist architecture.

Amersham-on-the-Hill also has all the facilities that a walker might need - supermarkets, coffee shops, and so on. Connoisseurs will prefer to walk down the hill and visit one of the pubs in the old town, some of which date back to the 16th Century.

The station itself has toilets.

Walks from Amersham station

There are many other stations that you can walk to easily from Amersham, starting with Chorleywood or Chalfont & Latimer (see Top Walk #2

Chesham is an easy destination as this leaflet from the Chiltern Society describing a 7.2km route (mainly down hill) shows.

Great Missenden is another good destination. This excellent 16.3km walk from the Saturday Walkers Club (16.3km) describes the walk from Great Missenden to Amersham, but you could obviously use the directions to do the walk the other way.  Alternatively, you could just walk down from Amersham station and follow the South Bucks Way along the Misbourne Valley to Great Missenden (follow the Chiltern Society walk instructions until you meet up with the well-signed South Bucks Way in Amersham Old Town and turn right - West - when you meet the path).

There is a selection of walks in Misbourne Valley which are easily accessible from Amersham station, here.

Beaconsfield is a nice walk from Amersham - down into the Misbourne Valley and up the other side - see this 13km walk.

You can also do circular walks from Amersham, such as this 18km walk, which the author describes as one of the best walks in the Chilterns.

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