All walks index

The walks are listed here by rail line and by station. Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to put walks together!


The walks listed here are from a variety of sources. Inevitably, there is a hierarchy in the quality of the information provided. 

Starting with the best, the Saturday Walkers Club. Their website has over 300 walks, described in great detail, with different route options, maps, details of pubs to visit and so on. Best of all, there is a comments section where people provide updates on everything from closed pubs to muddy paths. An unrivaled site if you are looking for descriptions of walking routes.


Then there are sites put together by local councils and other public bodies (eg. Canal and Rivers Trust).  It is noticeable that Chesham and Henley-on-Thames, which are part of the ‘Walkers are Welcome’ scheme, provide details of many walks from their towns. The suite of walk leaflets on the Chesham Town Council website is wonderful.


The other main category of walks are those put together by individuals. These can vary in quality, but I have tried to include ones that look well put together.

I have put together a few walks myself where there are gaps. As anyone who has tried to do it knows, describing a walk to a standard that it can be picked up and used by someone who doesn’t know the area is a time consuming job and the descriptions could benefit from having more time spent on them and feedback from users. I hope to add more walks over time.