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Walks by Station

Chalfont & Latimer

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  • Frequent train service - as the point where the Chesham branch leaves the main line you can catch either Chesham or Amersham trains, giving are six trains an hour for most of the day.

  • Easy access down into the Chess Valley.


  • Unlike Chesham and Amersham, Chalfont & Latimer doesn’t have much of a town centre -  although there are some facilities close by.



Station Top Walk


#3: Chalfont & Latimer to Chorleywood 

It is an easy walk from Chalfont & Latimer down into the Chess valley.  From there you can walk along the valley footpath and  head back up to the tube at Chorleywood (7km). The walk described here is a an extended version of that idea, going down into the Chess Valley, heading back towards Chesham before going up to the other side of the valley to visit the villages of Flaunden and Sarratt then back across the valley to Chorleywood (19km). There are plenty of options for shortening the walk if this is too long.


Tips for walking from Chalfont & Latimer station

Being closer to London, Chalfont & Latimer has a slightly better train service than Chesham or Amersham. However, as it is a little less remote, you may have to walk a little further to get into real countryside. Nevertheless there are excellent walks a short way from the station.

There is no such place as 'Chalfont & Latimer' and there wasn't much there until the railway came. It’s main feature is a collection of suburban houses grouped around the station (in one of which I was born). The station is named for the villages of Chalfont St Giles, Chalfont St Peter and Latimer, all of which are several miles from the station (the area around the station is known as 'Little Chalfont'). Nevertheless there are some facilities if you exit the station on the south side (the side that trains from London arrive at). These include a Tesco Express and Costa Coffee.

The station has a loo.

If you head out of the north side Chalfont & Latimer station (the platform for trains back to London) you are only 10 minutes walk (1km) from beautiful woods and another 10 minutes from the Chess Valley. This provides many options for walks to other Metropolitan line stations (Chesham, Amersham, Chorleywood, Rickmansworth) or over to Hemel Hempstead or Kings Langley on the rail line to Euston.

Head south out of the station and you can go towards the Misbourne Valley to walk back to Amersham or Chorleywood tube stations. Alternatively you could cross the Misboure and walk down to Beaconsfield or Seer Green & Jordans to get a Chiltern Railways train to Marylebone.

Walks from Chalfont & Latimer station

There are lots of walks you can take from Chalfont & Latimer which cross the beautiful Chess Valley and take you to Chesham, Chorleywood or Rickmansworth stations - or back to where you started:

  • To Chesham - this pleasant 9.6km walk goes into the Chess Valley and up the other side, before heading on to Chesham (although from a transport point of view it makes more sense to do this walk in the opposite direction as Chalfont & Latimer has many more trains per hour than Chesham);

  • To Chorleywood -  this 19km walk crosses the Chess Valley before heading back to Chorleywood station.

  • Chess Valley walk - finally, it is worth remembering that Chalfont & Latimer station provides easy access to the Chess Valley. You can use the instructions for the Chess Valley path to walk to Chesham, Chorleywood or Rickmansworth stations.

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