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Introducing 'Walking Post' - rail walks in Surrey, Kent in London

Updated: Apr 3

I am passionate about promoting walking by public transport, so it is great to come across a website offering something similar on the south side of London:

The founders of Walking Post describe themselves as "creative walking route planners for London and the South East". They have provided a short blog introducing their site. Do go and visit!

"The Walking Post was founded by Lucy Maddison and Emily Morrison,

enthusiastic weekend walkers who regularly head out of London by train to

explore the varied countryside of Surrey, Sussex, Kent, Essex and

Hertfordshire. We wanted to create a user-friendly website to show off our

“back catalogue” of walking routes so that other people could enjoy them too.

We’re both also passionate about using public transport (Emily even works for

a rail holiday company) and shouting about just how easy it is to get out of the

city and discover beautiful countryside on your doorstep. There are also plenty

of routes through London, showing off some of the hidden byways and

footpaths of the city. Again, these are all accessible by public transport.

"Since we launched the website, we’ve been adding a lot more new routes and

even started offering regular ‘open walks’ so that people can come and join

us. The most recent addition to the site is a new 34-mile route called the North

to South London Trail that goes right through the centre of the city, all the way

from Cockfosters to Carshalton Beeches, taking in famous London landmarks

including Alexandra Palace, Parliament Hill, Trafalgar Square, Buckingham

Palace, Battersea Power station and many more! The route is divided into five

segments of between 6 and 8 miles.

"There’s also the new London to Brighton walk, a very long extension to the

North to South London Trail, going all the way to the sea!"

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